FB TV Fred Beans Parts Warehouse Interview and Tour.
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Company Benefit Providers Information

Aetna Dental Update: If you are seeking an Aetna dental ID card please visit www.aetna.com and print out a copy.  Aetna no longer is mailing out ID cards to members.  You can also download the smart phone app and find your ID card on the aetna navigator site.


401K Login

Entry Guidelines:

  • After 11 months of service enter at the next entry date (1st of January, April, July & October)
  • Must be 21 years of age
  • All plan members can make deferral % changes at any time and those changes will take effect at the next quarterly entry date
  • Employee's hired after 7/1/2013 will be auto enrolled at 1% deferral at your quarterly entry date.  (Example: Hire date 7/10/2013 - Entry into the Fidelity 401(k) plan on 7/1/2014 @ auto 2% deferral)
  • Fidelity Education Reps will give enrollment presentations twice a year in December and June
  • Any questions contact the members support line

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