We will Buy Your Used Car Right Here at Fred Beans Auto Group

Selling your used car can sometimes be a hassle, but here at Fred Beans Auto Group we want to make the process as simple and rewarding as possible. We have been in business for over 40 years, and customers all over Doylestown and beyond know that they can trust the Fred Beans name. We treat our customers with the respect they deserve and we always buy used cars at a fair price.

When you sell us your used car, you can expect to receive a check immediately. Just come on down to your nearest Fred Beans dealership at any time for an appraisal. You don't even need to make an appointment, but if you would prefer to schedule one, just give us a call. After about 30 minutes of evaluating your vehicle, we will make you an offer and get ready to cut a check.

If you're ready to sell us your car, be sure to bring the following to the dealership:

  • Your car's title or pay-off information: We need your title at the time of the sale to transfer the car's ownership.
  • All titleholders should be present: If any person listed on the title can't make it, or if you don't have your title, be sure to contact your local store for further information.
  • Valid Registration: We must see the car's current registration to confirm you're the owner.
  • Valid Photo ID: All titleholders should bring a valid, state-issued photo ID.
  • Keys and remote: It's important that you provide us all sets of keys and remotes. If the original keys and remote to the car are missing, we may need to adjust the offer.

Be sure to contact us to learn more about factors that could impact the offer so you know what to expect when you bring your vehicle in. Once you have all the information you need, come on over to any one of our Fred Beans locations, and we will get ready to buy your used car and cut you a check right away!


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